Our arboricultural and woodland management services

Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) surveys

tree shot from below

The health and condition of a tree will change as it moves through its different life stages. A visual tree assessment is a recognised and methodical process to assess each part of a tree to determine whether its health and condition is acceptable for the location in which it grows.

This service is available to any tree owner, from an individual home owner with one garden tree to large land owners such as estates, housing associations and local authorities, with large numbers of trees.

A tree condition report, together with recommendations for the future care, will be provided.

This service can be offered as a one off survey or be completed over time with staged survey and repeat visits for more complex surveys of larger tree stocks.

Arboricultural Mortgage Reports

Specialist reports prepared where trees have been identified as a concern in a Homebuyer Report prepared on behalf of a mortgage lender.

Legally Protected Trees, Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and trees in Conservation Areas

field of bluebells and woodlandSome trees in the UK are afforded legal protection because of the contributions they make to a local area. Permissions are normally required from your local Planning Authority for works to protected trees.

An advisory service is available to landowners with protected trees on all matters regarding tree protection. This can include advice on a level of work that may be regarded as acceptable by the Planning Authority, recommended work schedules and completion of applications, together with specialist advice on more complex matters.

Trees and Development

Trees are a material consideration at the planning stages for development. Anyone proposing to develop land that contains trees will usually be asked by the local Planning Authority to complete a tree survey as part of the application process.

We offer a tailored advisory service to clients, including assistance in the following areas:

  • Pre-development site appraisals and tree surveys
  • Tree condition reports
  • Tree retention/removal plans
  • Calculation of root protection areas
  • Tree constraint plans
  • Arboricultural impact assessments
  • Tree protection plans
  • Arboricultural method statements

tree plantingA tree survey should be completed to BS5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction. A tree survey at an early stage will be beneficial to all parties as it will identify valuable trees that are likely to compliment a proposed development. Equally, it will quickly identify trees with limited future prospects that should not inhibit development potential of a site.

A service is available to any land owner, architect or developer involved in the development of land. A one off tree survey to BS5837: 2012 is available for sites, large or small. Packages are also available to manage trees and their protection throughout the duration of a development, including liaison with the local Planning Authority where applicable.

Granting of planning consent may also include planning conditions that require tree planting as part of a landscape scheme. An advisory service is available to ensure your planting schemes complement your development, are sustainable and are acceptable to the local Planning Authority.

Woodland Management

For any woodland owner, large or small, who may not have the time or feel they have the expertise to manage their woodlands the following services are available:

Reclamation sites

reclamation siteFor land owners who are currently, or plan to, reclaim disturbed land for woodland establishment a complete service for the planning and preparation of tree planting following the initial land reclamation is available. This can include planting plans, planting grant applications to Forestry Commission and monitoring of plant establishment following planting.

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